Master of Urban Spatial Analytics

University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA. 2015

  • Focus on land use and environmental planning applications for GIS, interactive data visualization, web based mapping applications, spatial statistics, predictive modeling, and data driven decision making.
  • Capstone: Using Raster Channelization Techniques to Build a Hyperspace Network for the Star Wars Galaxy, available upon request.

Master of Science in Historic Preservation

University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA. 2011

  • Concentration on architectural conservation and documentation with a focus on archaeological conservation.
  • Thesis: Predictive Analysis of Stone Decay Mechanisms and Treatments on William Strickland’s ‘Second Bank of the United States’, available for download or upon request.

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

University of Kansas. Lawrence, KS. 2009

  • Concentration was on archaeology and physical anthropology with an archaeology field school at the Mayan Site of Blue Creek in Belize.

Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies

University of Kansas. Lawrence, KS. 2009

  • Concentration on architectural history, vernacular architecture, and historic research and documentation.

Professional Experience

GIS Specialist II

Philadelphia Water Department, Green Stormwater Infrastructure Unit. Philadelphia, PA. 2015-Present

  • Managed stormwater billing database used for parcel based billing system.
  • Assessed accuracy of and updated records of water accounts, land ownership, parcel boundaries, and surface coverage using data from multiple sources.
  • Conducted analyses of PWD datasets using SQL and within ArcGIS to assess data accuracy and identify geographic areas for more intense review and data clean up.
  • Designed and implemented a strategy for billing previously unbilled parcels without PWD’s database.
  • Produced analysis on the PWD’s customer base of bulk updating datasets for analysis in water rate filings.
  • Developed workflow for editing land cover data across city departments.
  • Provided internal city and external facing customer support for billing issues including explanation of parcel based billing, billing history reviews, and account adjustments.
  • Worked directly with customers to identify and resolve problems with billing data.

Project Manager, Digital Media Center Digitization Lab

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Philadelphia, PA. 2011-2014

  • Managed the daily operations for the digitization and mapping of the Gordion and Al-Hiba archaeological sites.
  • Organized and assigned work, trained staff in the use of mapping and design software, and quality assessment.
  • Specialized data processing, produced digital 3D reconstructions, produced workflows, and managed technical resources.

Digitization Specialist, Digital Media Center Digitization Lab

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Philadelphia, PA. 2011-2014

  • Digitization of archival maps and documents, digital image processing, georeferencing of maps, and vectorization for the Digital Gordion Mapping Project.

Conservation Intern

Gordion Archaeological Conservation Project. Yassıhöyük, Turkey. 2010

  • Documentation and conservation of archaeological remains at Gordion including cleaning, orthorectified photography, and condition surveys.

Field Architect & System Administrator

NYU Excavations at Aphrodisias. Geyre, Turkey. 2009 & 2010

  • Field survey and measured drawings for architectural remains and site wide maps.
  • Maintenance of excavation computers, network infrastructure, and data backup.

GIS Assistant

Kansas Geological Survey. Lawrence, KS. 2008-2009

  • Checking data against aerial imagery and standardized it for use in GPS routing for commercial devices and Enhanced 911.

Publications and Credits


  • 2018 ESRI User Conference. Presented poster: “Cost of Service: Urban Development and Stormwater Management”.
  • 2017 ESRI User Conference. Presenting poster: “Tracking Community Gardens for Stormwater Management Purposes”.
  • 2015 ESRI User Conference. Presented poster: “Using Channelization Techniques to Build A Hyperspace Network for the Star Wars Galaxy”.
  • 3D Reconstruction and renderings for “Taming the Beast: The Digital Gordion Mapping Project” by Gareth Darbyshire and Gabriel H. Pizzorno in Expedition Magazine #55.2, 2013.
  • 3D Reconstruction and rendering for The Archaeology of Greek and Roman Troy by C. Brian Rose. Cambridge University Press, 2013.
  • Co-Author on poster: “The Al-Hiba Publication Project: A New Approach to the Post-Excavation Analysis of Unpublished Excavations” presented at ASOR, Chicago 2012.

Independent Projects

Star Wars Galaxy Map

  • Using data from official sources I have been vectorizing and creating spatial databases for planets, political boundaries, and hyperspace lanes in order to build an interactive map of the Star Wars galaxy. Viewable at

Fishtown Street Trees

  • Maps of trees planted in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia through the city’s street tree program, highlighting tree types, planting season, and density for use for planning and advertising by the Fishtown Neighborhood Association. Viewable at

Philadelphia Water Main Breaks

  • A time-lapse visualization of water main breaks in Philadelphia between 1951 and 1962 based on data from and the Philadelphia City Archives. Viewable at

Certification, Skills, & Proficiencies

  • GIS Professional Certification (GISP)
  • ESRI ArcGIS (9.3-10.x), Autodesk AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, MS Access, MS Excel, Filemaker Pro, Trimble SketchUp, VRay, MySQL, Python, GeoDa, JPM, R, Fragstats, TR-55, SWMM, Hazus, CartoDB
  • Field surveying with GPS and Total Station, hand and computer drafting, archival research, and historic register nominations
  • 3D modeling for rendering, augmented reality, and 3D printing applications